Will is being recognized for his work in the community. He has been in our local news numerous times, standing side by side and collaborating with city officials to raise awareness. He is working with Gov. Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Gregg, police chief Dana Wingert, Inspector Brian O’Keefe, and many more. He has a new music video coming soon with local firefighters aptly entitled "Brave" that he wrote and produced. Will also wrote and produced another song that will debut soon for the children in the schools where he mentors.

Join him in the journey to end violence!

Will Keeps
Will KeepsAugust 15, 2022 at 3:35pm
Shooting a music video with 2 of my graduates!!!!
"Story" coming soon!!!
It Starts Right Here
Will Keeps
Will KeepsAugust 5, 2022 at 2:33pm
Rasmin Keco President of Solid Ones Motorcycle Club here in Des Moines said that
He remember growing up as a kid, the freedom a bicycle gave him. He wanted every kid to experience that. If things are bad at home, go on a bicycle ride. You've had a bad day at school? Go on a bicycle ride and explore. Bicycles gave him freedom and lifetime friendships. And that is what he is doing for our kids at Starts Right Here! Solid Ones Motorcycle Club Des Moines has Donate 6 Huffy bicycle 🚲 to our kids at SRH!! Thank you so much you guys!! We... Will... Ride!!! Yeeeeeeee
Will Keeps
Will KeepsAugust 2, 2022 at 5:29pm
🤯Another One🤯 (This was a tough one, but I enjoyed every moment of it) Breonna Ganaway Graduated 🎓 y'all yeeeeeeee!!! I met Breonna when she was locked up in Meyer Hall. Meyer Hall asked me to come motivate the kids so I can help change there mindset on life. Breonna told me that I had her in teeears when I was speaking lol ( we laugh about it, cuz the way she explains it is hilarious). But to make a long story short, this young lady been through a lot in her life and she decided to break through (she explains it more on her page). And because of that 1 moment that we had together, She believed that I can help her make that change! I'm just so happy that I have soooo much help to make this happen for the youth! My Starts Right Here Staff, DMPS and Option Academy. We are working together to CREATE CHANGE!!! AND IT STARTS RIGHT HERE! Show alot of love y'all!!
Will Keeps
Will KeepsJuly 27, 2022 at 9:44pm
Casey's is teaching our kids everything about their company!! But today... THEY FEAST!!!
Will Keeps
Will KeepsJuly 15, 2022 at 3:00pm
Polk County Supervisor Steve Van Oort presents a Community Betterment Grant to Starts Right Here. The funds will be used for programming at their Des Moines Location.

Hard work paid off!!! Thank you Polk County Iowa Let's make a difference! It Starts Right Here
Will Keeps
Will KeepsJuly 13, 2022 at 4:39pm
We have been trying to get our lost kids to change their mindset and to help them find there way for years and we all understand that we are not going to save them all. And even though some of you don't like the moves I made to help these kids, just remember. In order to change their mindset, we have to change ours. So when you talk against me to the kids, You're keeping them hostage to a mindset that they're trying to escape. All I'm saying is, if your seeing what we are doing is working for these kids...HELP IT don't HATE IT!! It Starts Right Here
Filmed by Jeremiah Scavo
Will Keeps