The movement derives from the notion that wherever the adversity presents itself in the urban core, thereby can also be the epicenter of that positive paradigm change that brings about an overcoming narrative.

Fight For Peace



-Motivational Speaking in Diversionary and Juvenile Delinquent Programming
-School Assemblies aimed at addressing current hot button subject matters challenging the social landscape with our inner city youth
-Mentoring in small group settings; creating a relational trust model for consistency in a student’s life
-Using Media/Arts platforms to bring visual solutions to contemporary challenges Urban youth face
-Tutoring partnerships that motivate students to realize the significance of having an education that can break cyclical illiteracy, poverty and substance abuses.


-Using the mediums of music and cinematography to bring riveting visuals that provoke dialogue and solution driven outcomes.
-Collaborating with Local Police Department to create a positive relationship narrative between the urban plight and law enforcement.
-Participating in Police Department diversionary programming that can best reach youth in a language millennials comprehend.
-Teaching students to use creative art forms through Hip Hop culture, that best utilize their gifts and give voice to their struggle.
-Giving powerful social tools that create an “overcoming ” culture rather than a victimized one.


-Creating platforms and programs where students can feel safe to share their struggles, but also express positive outcomes.
-Creating  interactive settings that give students ownership and leadership that otherwise couldn’t be discovered.
-Working with governmental and civic organizations that would lessen the divide between current urban challenges and those in the Capitol.
-Partnering with those who can bring multiple skill sets through collaboration to fulfill a student’s overall success.
-Looking at sustainable and educational pieces that allow students to see their own potential that can propel them further into the next level of life.