Will Keeps
Will KeepsJune 29, 2022 at 3:21pm
💢ANOTHER ONE💢 Congratulations Kyanna Vosen you did it!!! Kyanna mom Andrea Vosen Reach out to me and said can you please help my daughter graduate! She's not going to classes and she just doesn't seem motivated. She loves to take pictures, she loves music, she's all about the arts and I think your organization will be perfect. When Kyanna came to our program you can see a difference in her attitude and behavior. It wasn't a complete change but it was there. And because of that little light that she saw it gave hope. And because of that hope she made it through and FINISHED!! YEEEEEEEEEEE!! We love you Kyanna and we are not FINISH yet! It Starts Right Here
Thank you DMPS and Option Academy for helping make this happen for her
Show love y'all
Will Keeps
Will KeepsJune 23, 2022 at 3:25pm
💥ANOTHER ONE💥!!! Kaveon went from NOT thinking he was going to graduate to saying "FORGET THAT... IM GRADUATING"!! (And yes I did put a filter on what he really said)lol! This kid mindset was all over the place in so many negative ways!! But he always knew he had a gift to achieve big things! His test scores is college level y'all!!! Wooooow!!! Kaveon loves music and his rapping skills is unbelievable! He will be a star one day if he stay focuse!! Listen.... with the help of Starts Right Here, DMPS , Option Academy and his family, he over came alot of pain in his heart. We love you maaaaaaaan and congratulations! It Starts Right Here
Will Keeps
Will KeepsJune 7, 2022 at 8:05pm
Love seeing Dwana Bradley (DMPS School board President) and Dr. Ann Lebo (Director of Education) hanging out in the Studio with our talented kids!! I'm so excited to see what SRH and DMPS can do together to support our community and inspire our kids!! They need us and we need them, so lets be the example on how TOGETHER really looks like!! It Starts Right Here yeeeeeeeeee
Will Keeps
Will KeepsJune 3, 2022 at 4:13pm
Yeeees indeeeed!!! Im showing mad love to jaylen Strapgang Bubba !! He is passing his classes and he is on the path of graduating!! HUUUGE Y'ALL!! He just pass Personal Econ!! Show love!! It Starts Right Here
Will Keeps
Will KeepsJune 2, 2022 at 5:06pm
💢ANOTHER ONE 💢 What I'm about to say was approved by Abbey!
Abbey Michelle was sleeping in her car y'all! She was sexually assaulted, Physically assaulted and mentally assaulted! Her mindset was not clear at all on life. So going to school was not an option for her, until one day her friend told her about us. When Abbey came to us she had a different spirit. She wanted to try hard for us at 1st, but then life hit her hard again. And Abby just kept running, not finishing what she started! But my staff and I kept calling and chasing her to finish! So one day my director "Mrs P" Went to her house and banged on her door like she was the police lol. Told Abbey that you don't have that much left so lets finish!! Abbey said "oooookk" She came back to school and started doing it for herself and the results isss....... She Graduated!!!!
Show love y'all because this was a tough one 😉! Proud of you Abbey and it Starts Right Here
Will Keeps
Will KeepsMay 29, 2022 at 6:54pm
Congratulations y'all!!! Y'all did it!!! Love y'all FORREAL!!! Remember, Starts Right Here is your home. You are always welcome!!! Yeeeeeeeee